Beehives in your pocket

Beekeeping becomes even easier and more enjoyable with beePRO smart hives scale.

beePRO allows you to have all important bee hive information in your hand accessible at any time, from any device.

It’s time to focus on the work and not the tools !

beePro smart beehive scales

Designed for simplicity

beePRO hives scale is an electronic scale that immediately informs the beekeeper on any bigger changes in the hive – important dynamics, ambient temperature, humidity and other parameters.

Daily SMS messages with full report from the hives will allow beekeepers to plan work in the apiary effectively.

Save time, money and increase your apiary’s productivity significantly !

Key features

Plug' n start

Setup new scales in a few minutes.

Access data from any device

All important bee hive information in your hand accessible at any time.


Get SMS message alert if your beehive lose a lot of weight in short amount of time.

SMS reports

Set custom time when you want to get SMS reports from your hive

Long lasting battery

Small size battery – big power. Charge battery only once a year !

Export data

Export data in any format for future analyze.

SMS Reports

Ability to customize how often you want to be informed and get reports


You will be notified to your mobile phone by a text message on any temperature changes in the hives!


You will be able to see how has the weight in your hives been changing over time.

Full 24-hour report

You will be receiving a full report with an difference of each parameter every 24 hours.


You will know, if some changes in weather impact the humidity levels inside the hives.


If anything at all changes in your hives: any bigger drop or increase in temperature, weight, humidity and other parameters in a short amount of time, you will receive an instant alert to your mobile phone.


How beePRO is Going To Help Me?

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Happy beekeepers

Testimonials from happy beekeepers who’s using beePro

Ready to start smart beekeeping?

Don’t you want to increase productivity and save money?


250 one time payment
  • GSM / WIFI / Bluetooth
  • Battery
  • Antenna
  • Daily SMS reports
  • 2 years FULL support
  • beePRO cloud
  • No SIM card included